Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces

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Bathrooms are some of the most important spaces in a home. Rather than just places that are used for basic purposes every day, bathrooms have spaces where you want to feel calm, relaxed, and not worry about fighting over limited counterspace. If your bathrooms are all in relatively small spaces, bathroom renovations can help either expand or make the most of the space you already have. Here at G2 Contracting, we have a few ideas that can make the most of your small bathroom spaces.

focus your bathroom renovations on your lifestyle

  • First, your materials make a difference. Even if you don’t change the layout of your bathroom, using lighter materials and creating lots of natural light (or using plenty of incandescent lights), your bathroom will feel more spacious. Taking down pony walls or blocking walls and adding glass doors to your shower can all help your bathroom feel larger.
  • Second, focus your bathroom renovations on your lifestyle, more than what looks nice. If you are the type of person who doesn’t take long baths, then get rid of your tub and install a larger, luxurious shower! If you have small children who share a bathroom, focus on where you can add extra storage.
  • Finally, make sure you work with a contractor who knows design and architecture like we do here at G2 Contracting. When you work with us, we can give you options like using space from a closet to enlarge the bathroom or moving fixtures for a better layout.