4 Important Questions for Your Next Home Remodel [infographic]

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When choosing a contractor for a home remodel, there are questions to ask while going through the vetting process to ensure you find the right company for the job. While skill and experience are always important factors, success during a remodel goes back to 80% planning and 20% execution. At G2 Contracting, this approach helps us mitigate unplanned changes and keep timelines and communication on track. That being said, here are some questions you should ask every contractor you interview before your remodel:

1.   What’s your approach to project management? Poor communication can slow or distract from a well-planned home remodel. Your contractor should manage and adjust all moving parts of the project without losing focus of the big picture. Since all remodels have unforeseen circumstances, your contractor should provide realistic solutions for any hiccups, so that your renovation stays on track.

4 Important Questions for Your Next Home Remodel [infographic]

2.   How many jobs will you work on congruently with my project? Your contractor should be able to shuffle work effectively to coordinate delivery times, weather factors, and inspections. A well-organized contractor should do so seamlessly to make sure the project is delivered on time. Don’t be deterred by someone who has a few jobs going at any given time – this usually means their services are in demand.

3.   Do you provide plans for each job? What happens if I change my mind? While it is not necessary for your contractor to have a background in architecture, it definitely helps! This allows adjustments in the project to be factored in quickly and any communication about the scope of the remodel to be handled by a single person.

4.   Do you have any suggestions for adding equity to my home through remodeling? Using materials that last and are of good quality will add equity to any home whenever you decide to sell. Finishes count, too! While not everyone will choose the highest-end finishes for the project, there may be some additional factors to consider depending on if you intend to sell your home in the next few years.